Today we celebrate the achievements and contributions of our compatriots
to the task of nation’s building. The auspicious occasion is so unique that
it comes at a time when Nigeria is celebrates her people both home and in Diaspora.

Permit me to reflect on the lofty ideals of Nigerian’s founding fathers, the men and women who made sacrifices to bring about a society where its citizenry will live in harmony, realize their set goals, entrench a progressive system and join humanity for a better world.

Today we recognise Nigeria’s distinguished sons and daughters, friends of Nigeria who have Risen and made marks in their various fields of endeavour. The spirit of patriotism for nationhood cannot be over emphasized. We call on all Nigerians to be proud of our rich heritage, to be conscious of our unique responsibilities in national development and on our image in the committee of nations. Nigeria belongs to us all. Collectively, we build or criticize but the biggest winners will be those that A’RISE for the betterment of our society and create the change desired.

Let us continue to reflect on those engaging words of our national anthem and may it serve as an inspiration for us all to excel in our various professions…… “Arise O Compatriots, Nigeria’s Call Obey!”

We warmly welcome you and hope you have a memorable and inspiring evening.

Alistair Soyode
Founder, Nigeria Arise Initiative