The Arise Project. Arise was set-up to mobilize and empower our people, communities as well as becoming a pressure group towards calling on governments and institutions to do the right things towards the uplifting of the citizens and improved on the lively-hood of all.

All the supporters and partners of this organization have a strong commitment and resolve to contribute through policy making and presentations to those who govern with an open mind on good governance.

Why The Arise Project

Mission Statement

  • Empowering youths and Nigerians to arise and participate towards good welfare provision and empowering them towards self fulfillment to reach their full potential.
  • To gain recognition as a major and strong voice of Nigerians locally, nationally and globally.
  • To be a positive representation of Nigeria globally.

Nigeria Arise’s Goals
Nigeria Arise’s goal is to improve the lives of Nigerians in all aspect of their livelihood most especially on good governance and calling those in executive positions to open and accountable to their electorates and Nigerians.

Nigeria Arise’s Aims

Support and empower the youths and Nigerians through advocacy, policy-making and mentoring.
•    Improve the quality of lives of Nigerians – through good welfare representations and by providing relevant information, tools to support them and resources to maximise their potential
•    To provide research into conflict and solution to challenges faced or acknowledged
•    Educate and enlighten the public through the media, conferences, workshops and seminars by creating a deeper and wider understanding of our national values and ethics.
•    Challenge negative stereotypes surrounding Nigerians (by extension Africans).
•    To create a solution to social challenges; positive pressure and creating platform for Nigerians to express their views
•    Be a bridge to changes and create in us ethics that’s valued