Who we are

We are Nigerians of similar passion to build and empower the youth, citizens and stakeholders in a new society.

Presently, NAM is run and supported by the Initiators and will rely on your donation, support in resource’s time, mentoring and partnering us in providing policies and positive pressure on our governments and agencies to provide good governance in all that affects us all.

What differentiates NAM from other organisations is our focus to work together and using our time effectively in community oriented projects. With our youths and entrepreneurs coming to us for supports, are able to provide them with NAM’s loan, taking interest in the project and business, stake where necessary and giving expert advice to building a better society that will make Nigeria strong and better. Where such is not possible are able to provide them with necessary information and advice. As a going concern we will when due expect to make profit through interest to business oriented projects only. Profits generated are ploughed back inside NAM.


NAM aim is to create employment through entrepreneurial empowerment from the pool of our partners and stake-holders here in the mentoring scheme. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria where you will find at least one expert and a sponsor from a wealth of qualified, professional Nigerians building the leaders of tomorrow. Ours is an investment in time, financial support, rebuilding and sharing experience with budding entrepreneurs and global leaders from the Nigerian large number of talents.

It will also be a worthy tool for those going into business, to know what it takes, the plans, aspirations as well as the feeling of going it alone developing their skills and business acumen from mentors.

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Nigerian Arise and Mentoring Scheme – The Empowerment

Nigeria Arise Mentor is a setup scheme purposely to empower, support, mobilise and encourage the Nigerian youths to arise in order to become leaders of their community, locality, state and nation.
Having a collection of mentors from various field of lives make it easier and accessible to build a new generation of business and political leaders with expertise to sustain them in their chosen careers.

As an independent organisation and scheme, NAM is collaborating with other NGOs, Groups, Corporate institutions and youth organisations to achieve it’s aims and reach throughout the country.

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With a population of than 150million people, more than 10000 in higher corporate positions and successful business icons, there is a massive gap for mentoring schemes or mentors to help and nurture the more than 60% of the populations within the age of 18 to 30 years.

Having such a tremendous people, Nigeria is a resource spot for talents, budding entrepreneurs, variety of business ideas and unmatched natural resources that need to be brought to the front in order to make Nigeria – that great nation.

We recognised that with each successful Nigerian, a viral effect can take place where more successful people and communities are built and empowered to be independently successful and profitable in their field.

In order to achieve the desired effect, NAMS became a vehicle and platform where their ideas can be turn into reality. Nigeria Arise Mentoring scheme emerges to take the opportunities into possibilities for global marketability and vice versa.

Funding and life application experience (advice, teaching, counselling) will be provided at applicable projects and to upcoming entrepreneurs by mentors, partners and advisers within NAM.