The Research

THE RESEARCH – more info:

Nigerians Decide is the new company for an authentic and unbiased opinion research and polling organisation in Nigeria covering the entirety of the country from all race, gender, religion, tribe and origin. Our services and information will base on real-time research and relevant to Nigeria’s presence situations and our peoples’ opinion on many perspectives affecting them and the nation. From political (major issue); through the economic-socio development of the nation, etc; Nigerians Decide is a full-service marketing, research, political and non-politically related communications research firm. We work for and on behalf of your organisations, corporations, NGOs, not-for-profits and governments as well as other organisations in PR or and marketing agencies. If your companies need is to get action, implementation or just audience’s views, Nigerians Decide is the answer to get them. Our emphasis relies on a nationwide or as require from our member’s profile to your market research.

We are proud and pride ourselves as NIGERIANS, hard working, flexible, knowledgeable, creative, intelligent, network and delivery of result within time period within budget allocated.

With our media reach and partners, NigeriansDecide can and will be able to provide a strong barometer of views and report on whole matters/agendas and range of issues as mentioned above researched and polled for your perusal. Others include the satisfaction of

• Our research is well thought, planned and executed
• Our report is clear, understood and useable
• Our research – takes you into consideration of what is expected for further implementation, development or new changes put in place
• Our research is done for you

This site is all about Nigerians deciding on issues and matters that affect them. Nigerians can take decisions which the democrats can’t, as a Nigerian you can vote on issues, the National Assembly or State’s legislatures are yet to give answers.

As a Nigerian rather than waiting, you can mobilize your community, partners and neighbours to vote and poll on their choosing subject or from Nigeriansdecide opinion/poll/research cases such as the Power projects, The Niger-Delta, Agricultures etc (7 Point Agenda) and what excess crude oil (foreign reserve) should be use for!

Take control of your life and community and make a CHANGE.