Nigeria Arise

This is the project of Nigeria Arise, a business and a support to government oriented projects – by organise to allow Nigerians from all walk of lives share their experience, be recognise and contribute towards the development of the nation. Nigeria belongs to us all and no one has a singular authority to govern without the electorates.

Nigerians from all communities and states constitute a major contributor for national development especially those in the Diaspora and are seen as a region especially with more than 1 millions Nigerians in the UK alone. Their economic power and social contribution to the home base where they are is a development of significant value and need to be utilised towards Nigeria’s socio-economic development. The Award part of the NA affords us the opportunity to engage with others who had contribute in one way or another in solving much of the problems encountered as a nation in order to make Nigeria great. Hence the tagged – “NIGERIA ARISE”.

Nigeria Arise is a project that is aim for total reorientation of all Nigerians to aim high and above call of duty. We have been practicing what we are thought forgetting that many (millions in our dear country have never really taken the oath of allegiance to Nigeria). Simple reason – Not all can speak or understand English. Nigeria Arise – should be said, taught and share with those in the rural villages, from our young ones to our elders; students and workers etc the – Arise O Compatriot……………by so doing too, the values and ethics is encouraged.

History of Nigeria and Project

Nigeria was under the rule of British government from 1914 to 1960. By 1978, a contest was setup by the National Publicity Committee to create a new national anthem. 5 people scaled through out of the many entries and those five made up of Eme Etim Akpan, John A. Ilechukwu, B. A. Ogunnaike, P.O. Aderibighe & Sotu Omoigui formed the new words. The combined words were put together to form what is now the “Arise, O Compatriots”, the Nigerian national anthem.

The music was composed by the Nigerian Police Band (Nigeria was under the Military Rule) and directed Benedict Elide Odiase.

The “Arise, O Compatriots” is Nigeria’s official & Patriotic Anthem